Impressive world-wide syndicate invests $65 million in AI platform venture Thinci's oversubscribed series C funding round

Sep 05, 2018
Thinci blogs

Thinci is excited to announce that we have completed our series C funding round. This is a significant milestone for us and a major endorsement of our HW and SW solutions for Artificial Intelligence and Vision Processing across the data center, edge infrastructure and client devices for both business and consumer applications.

ThinCI seeks engineers: opens up two offices in UK

Nov 20, 2018
EE News

Thinci Inc. has developed the Graph Streaming Processor (GSP) architecture for machine learning and vision processing markets, has opened two offices in the UK: in Leeds and Kings Langley.

With $65M, ThinCI Joins Elite AI Startup Club

Sept 05, 2018
EE Times

With a host of chip startups — each claiming development of a unique processing architecture ideally suited for AI/machine learning— all hot and bothered in an overheated AI market, how can you tell who’s ahead of whom? How much investment a startup has been able to raise thus far is a useful yardstick.

ThinCI raises $65 million to develop its AI processors for autonomous and connected vehicles

Sept 05, 2018

Thinci announced today that it has raised $65 million in venture capital as it seeks to create new uses for its artificial intelligence chips. The latest round was led by Japanese automotive component giant Denso. Other investors include GGV Capital, Wavemaker Partners, and SG Innovate.

Denso leads $65 million Series C funding round in ThinCI to make autonomous cars a reality

Sept 06, 2018
Automotive World

DENSO Corporation, a $48.1 billion company and one of the world's largest automotive suppliers of technology and components, continues to search for new ways to support the development of future mobility solutions that will revolutionize how society moves.

El Dorado Hills AI chip company lands $65 million VC investment

Sep 05, 2018
Sacramento Business Journal

An El Dorado Hills-based artificial intelligence hardware company said it raised a $65 million round of venture funding, led by Denso Corp, a Japanese automotive components manufacturer.

Denso invests further in ThinCI for semiconductors, deep learning and vision processing

Sep 14, 2018
Automotive IT

Denso Corporation, via its NSITEXE subsidiary, is investing further in AI hardware start-up ThinCI to accelerate commercialization of semiconductors with deep learning capabilities.

Denso invests in ThinCI

Sep 10, 2018
Autonomous Vehicle Technology

ThinCI's programmable computing architecture is designed to accelerate deep learning, AI, and other algorithms relevant to the automotive industry and will reportedly provide somewhere around 5 to 10 times the computing power and performance offered by the next best solution.

Denso Subsidiary Ups Investment in AI Hardware Firm

Sep 06, 2018
Wards Auto

A subsidiary of automotive supplier Denso is one of the lead investors in ThinCI, an artificial-intelligence hardware startup developing computing platforms.

Southfield Auto Supplier Denso Invests in Semiconductor Devices to Advance Autonomous Driving Solutions

Sep 06, 2018

Denso, a Tier 1 automotive supplier that has its North American headquarters in Southfield, today announced its subsidiary NSITEXE Inc., a developer of key semiconductor components enabling automated driving, has invested in Thinci Inc., an AI hardware startup developing computing platforms.

AI Startup ThinCI raises $65 million in Series C Funding

Sep 06, 2018
Tech Story

Artificial Intelligence Startup Thinci has raised $65 million in Series C round of funding. The funding round was led by existing investor and Japanese automotive component giant Denso and its subsidiary NSITEXE Inc, and Temasek.

AI chip startup ThinCI raises $65M Series C round

Sep 05, 2018

DENSO Leads $65M Series C Funding Round In ThinCI To Make Autonomous Cars A Reality

Sep 05, 2018
Aftermarket New

The successful close of ThinCI’s $65 million series C funding round was led by DENSO and Temasek. Other investors include GGV Capital, Mirai Creation Fund – backed by Toyota and other limited partners – and Daimler.

Vehicle Service Pros - Denso invests in ThinCI to develop technology for autonomous vehicles

Sep 05, 2018
Vehicle Service Pros

Denso Corporation, a $48.1 billion company and one of the world's largest automotive suppliers of technology and components, continues to search for new ways to support the development of future mobility solutions that will revolutionize how society moves, the company says.

Thinci teams with Denso to create vision processors

Oct 06, 2016

Thinci, a new semiconductor startup, is coming out of stealth mode today to announce it is designing vision processors that can be used in a wide range of applications, from self-driving cars to deep-learning supercomputers...

Denso invests in deep learning and vision processing startup Thinci

Oct 07, 2016
Robotics and Automation News

Denso says its investment in startup will help accelerate next-generation automotive technology, using innovative deep learning and vision processing silicon and software. The company adds that its investment...

Startup Digs Deep Learning, Snags Big Backers

Jun 10, 2016
EE Times

PARIS — At a time when “Deep Learning” isn’t just hot but approaching the hype-cycle’s boiling point, nobody should be surprised at the emergence of another deep-learning, vision processing startup...

DENSO International America, Inc

Oct 06, 2016

EL DORADO HILLS, Calif., Oct. 06, 2016 -- Thinci Inc.—an innovative deep-learning, vision processing startup, developing groundbreaking machine learning technology announces a round of funding led by global...

Thinci raises funding from DENSO International America and others

Oct 06, 2016
The Tech Portal

Thinci, which is developing machine learning technologies using deep learning and vision processing, has announced that it has raised a round of funding. While the funding amount has not been disclosed, the company...

Green Car Congress

Oct 6, 2016
Green Car Congress

DENSO International America, Inc. has entered into an investment agreement with Thinci Inc., a deep-learning, vision processing startup developing innovative machine learning technology that enables the...