Intelligent Automobiles

Driver State

Road Conditions

Vehicle Localization

Egomotion (LIDAR based)

Grid Mapping

Dynamic Object Detection and Tracking

Environment Perception

Semantic Segmentation

Sign Detection and Recognition

Lane Determination

Free Space determination


One market segment that has been quick to adopt deep learning and vision processing is automotive. This is represented by the numerous features found in automobiles today or coming soon; “such functions as self-braking, self-parking, automatic cruise control based on road conditions, automatic accident-avoidance features, computer-operated power steering, and electric parking brakes, as well as electronic throttles and engine control,” as itemized in the PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) “2016 Auto Industry Trends.” Macroeconomic forces, a new era of personal transportation, and stricter regulations are driving increasing intelligence in automobiles the report declares.

Thinci’s deep learning and vision processing technology is the ideal way to address this challenge and to create an end product with a competitive advantage. One example is the entertainment console of the car, which today more resembles the original PC that is more likely to distract drivers than provide them an assistant that understands voice commands and reacts without driver intervention. “Start playing chapter 2 in my last audiobook, where is the next rest stop?, get me around this traffic jam, help! I’m having a medical emergency…” Within the engine and drive train Thinci deep learning and vision processing technology can continuously monitor and adjust the operation and performance of the vehicle to the driver, detecting the need to switch from 2-wheel to 4-wheel drive, adjust the engine for changes in altitude, temperature, and humidity… “Inside the vehicle Thinci deep learning and vision processing technology can detect the passenger load and adjust the suspension to accommodate the load, determine the optimum firing sequence for airbag deployment based on individual passengers and the direction of impact… Anywhere within the automobile where electronics can be deployed, Thinci deep learning and vision processing technology can bring intelligence to greatly enhance its function.